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Redchurch Lager
J L Shortland
Amazing Larger

Since hosting a party event in the Brewery itself I bought a case and sampled it. It was just the chance of popping back and getting some more. Have got my brother in law after some now too. Also nice to support local businesses

Special’s Mixed

Very nice ales and a friendly polite service too, Easy to order and easy to drink

Lovely beer and great glass to drink it in!

Best tasting lager I have had in years - even the Mrs. liked it!

Great Beer

I ordered a mixed case - the Lager One - for a friend to help him celebrate his retirement. He loved it. Great Beer.

Hoxton Stout

Great Stout , one of my favourites

Good as ever

Glad it’s back

Thursday 4th April Absolute Top Comedy
Chris Mole
April comedy night

Atmosphere was good, lager was great, unfortunately the evening was affected by one of the speakers not being turned up enough to hear the first 2 acts. What we heard was good, would go again

The Specials One

As a regular customer I've tried a few of their different cases and this one is as drinkable as the rest. The Specials content can vary apparently and may not be as shown on the website but still one to try.

Gravity theory cider

Very crisp taste and very refreshing

Redchurch Bethnal Pale Ale Short Date 29th March
Robert Bradley

Very drinkable Pale ale. Understandably an award winner.

Great choice

Enjoy trying new beers. Will get box of citrus next, enjoyed that one.

Redchurch Bethnal Pale Ale Short Date 29th March

Super crisp pale. One of their best.

Redchurch Hoxton Stout
Ross O’Brien
Super Stout!

Lovely drop!

Thursday 4th April Absolute Top Comedy
stuart morris
Top comedy night

Excellent night , great acts. Looking forward to the next one

Redchurch Bethnal Pale Ale Short Date 29th March
Ross O’Brien
Great Pale Ale

Great tasty Pale Ale. Refreshing and delicious!

Redchurch Bethnal Pale Ale Short Date 29th March
john leech
Drinking Lovely

A complete bargain with the BOGOF offer. A beautiful ale that is still drinking nicely.

Redchurch Bethnal Pale Ale Short Date 29th March
Lovely beer

This tends to be my go to beer from the Redchurch selection. Refreshing, crisp with a great balance of hops and citrus. Goes down very nicely and has decent abv.

Good selection of beers

Not as hoppy as I was expecting!

Perfectly drinkable but not as hoppy as the description suggests; a little bit bland, in fact. There are better Redchurch beers.

Redchurch Ale Gift Pack

Lovely gift pack for a special occasion, plus lets you sample different beers.

Quaffing Bitter

A well-balanced quaffing bitter an excellent addition to the Redchurch stable

Helles of a good beer

Light and refreshing, yet tasty, and at a good strength. Will definitely order this one again

Thursday 7th March Absolute Top Comedy
ryan syrett
Super dooper

The process was simple and grand

Thursday 7th March Absolute Top Comedy
John Mccarthy
Easy booking

It was so easy to book my tickets to what will be a great night!

Thursday 7th March Absolute Top Comedy
Graham Darby
Live Comedy

3 top comedians in the unique setting of a brewery
Hosted by the John Mann, what’s not to like!