With Redchurch Beer Points you earn money-off savings every time you purchase from our online store.

Access, join, earn and spend Redchurch Beer Points - everything explained!

How do I access the Beer Points dashboard?

By tapping the red RB button in the bottom right of your screen you can quickly access the Redchurch Beer Points dashboard. This is where you join, manage and redeem Beer Points. You can easily see how to earn points and what rewards / discounts can be redeemed. You can also see how many Beer Points you have earned already.

It's also where you'll find your personalised referral link to introduce friends to Redchurch (and both get money off).

How do I join Beer Points?

The first time you open the Beer Points dashboard it will invite you to become a member. Simply click the Join Now button to create your (free) Redchurch online account. Once your account is setup you'll be redirected back to the Redchurch homepage where you can click the red RB button again to access the Beer Points dashboard.

We'll send you an email to confirm your account creation (and your bonus points for signing up!).

How do I earn Beer Points?

You earn some initial Beer Points simply for becoming a member. You also earn Beer Points each time you shop online at Redchurch. There are a few additional actions you can complete such as Liking our Facebook Page and so on. Each action will earn you some additional Beer Points. For full details see Ways to earn Redchurch Beer Points below.

How do I spend Beer Points?

Once you've earned at least 500 Beer Points you can redeem them for a money-off voucher. Head to the Beer Points dashboard (the red button) and click on Your Rewards where you'll see how to redeem them and apply the coupon to your checkout.

Please note: If the total amount of points doesn't look quite right, it may be the points are already in your checkout ready to spend (they appear like a coupon code). Don't worry, you can safely remove the points (coupon) from your checkout and it will automatically save them back to your Beer Points dashboard to use later if you wish. You can also contact us for help with your points at or 01279 626895

How long are Beer Points valid?

Redchurch Beer Points are valid for up to 6 months. We’ll notify you by email when your well-earned beer points are about to expire.

I don't see my Beer Points. What happened?

It's most likely that you're not logged-in to your Redchurch account, perhaps because you're using a different device to the one you signed-up on. No problem! Simply click on the little person icon in the top right of the website navigation bar (between the search and the shopping bag icons). From here you can login with your email and password, and hey presto your Beer Points will appear when you access the Beer Points dashboard.

Ways to earn Redchurch Beer Points:

  • 250 Beer Points when you create an account at
  • 5 Beer Points for every £1 spent at
  • 25 Beer Points each time you provide a product review after receiving a review request email
  • 50 Beer Points when you Like our Facebook page
  • 50 Beer Points when you Follow us on Twitter
  • 50 Beer Points when you Follow us on Instagram
  • 100 Beer Points when you share Redchurch on Facebook
  • 100 Beer Points when you share Redchurch on Twitter
  • and 500 Beer Points on your birthday!

There are just a few things that don't qualify for Beer Points:

  • Delivery charges
  • The value of any discount codes or rewards used on an order (but the remaining order value qualifies)
  • Purchases not made via our online store

*Beer Points can currently only be earned and redeemed on the official Redchurch website:

A maximum of £10 off (1000 Beer Points) can be redeemed per transaction but there is no limit on the total amount of Beer Points you can have in your account, e.g. 5000 Beer Points = 5x £10 vouchers.

Points for following and liking us on social media can only be gained once per Redchurch account. Points cannot be exchanged for cash and have no monetary value. Redchurch reserves the right to withdraw the Redchurch Beer Points reward scheme, alter the values of Beer Points or type of rewards and change the amount of points given per action at any time. Redchurch reserve the right to suspend or remove points where it detects any abuse of the scheme. Redchurch Beer Points are redeemable by UK residents only. Redchurch Beer Points can only be redeemed against full price product purchases and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, deal or promotion.

Start earning Redchurch Beer Points and start saving.