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Urban Farmhouse Erupts With Etna

Etna Blood Orange Gose

The latest release in the Urban Farmhouse series.

Redchurch launched ETNA at Brew London at the end of February, the 23rd product in this highly respected brand. This traditional Gose has the addition of Sicilian blood orange juice that creates a sharp and refreshing springtime treat.

Ingredients Water, Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Blood Orange Juice, Yeast, Himalayan Sea Salt, Lactobacillus Culture, Hops

ABV 4.6%

Availability 330 ml bottles | 20 Litre Key Keg | 30 Litre Kegs

Tasting Notes

The addition of Sicilian blood orange juice to a traditional Gose base creates a sharp andrefreshing springtime treat. Clean and effervescent, with a restrained but noticeable sourness accompanied by the pink Himalayan sea salt brings a fruity twist to the classic Gose style.

Urban Farmhouse

Began as a creative project based out of the railway arches in Bethnal Green and quickly developed into a leader in the mixed-fermentation market. Pioneered by James Rylance (now of Harbour Brewing), the goal was to create a series of experimental brews which pushed the boundaries of flavour and really brought the beer back to nature. Using mainly homegrown and foraged fruit, herbs and spices with our house lactobacillus cultures in the midst of a concrete jungle are what truly makes it Urban Farmhouse. Trevor Porter, Managing Director at Redchurch, comments, "We are excited about this new release and selected the flavour profile based on consumer feedback. Many of our customers have expressed an eagerness to try it. The continued success of this brand is a testament to our brewing pedigree”.

History of Gose Beer 

The origin is tied to Goslar, a town in Eastern Germany. Whether the beer was named for the town or the Gose River flowing through the town is unclear, but the town was named for the river, so it’s likely the beer’s name relates to the river also.

For more information or samples

Contact Tony Porter Commercial Director tony@redchurch.beer or 01279 626895 



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