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The Perfect Winter Lager

January…. typically cold, typically dull and typically pretty forgettable (add a sprinkle of lockdown for added forgettability). However one thing the late winter months can offer up is cosy nights in and weekends spent soaking up the rays (of the television) and all you need is a good beer in hand to complete this perfect winter scene.

Look no further than MÄRZ ATAKS – Don’t let the name fool you…. the only thing this beer is going to attack is your taste buds and maybe the bank account when you go back for seconds. When we think of winter and warmth you may think of such flavours as chestnut, honey and sweet biscuit….throw some toasted bread flavours in the mix for good measure and you get this fantastic German Märzen!!

You heard right - toasted bread, chestnut, honey and sweet biscuit flavours invade the senses to create a sweet, smooth talking lager that hugs you from the inside.

Our Head Brewer, Paul Hancock says:

“Typically brewed in the winter months to be served at the traditional Oktoberfest festival held in Munich each year, Märzen is a moderately strong lager style in the 5.8 – 6.3% range. At Redchurch, we are massive fans of elegant traditional lager styles which we brew with a blend of modern British craft brewing techniques, and traditional German knowhow. We use only the finest German ingredients as we believe this creates the best possible lager. Märzen is the perfect winter lager as it blends elements of rich malt, soft noble hops with lager drinkability, all with a smooth warming finish – the ideal companion for colder times! Our version is a little lighter than the traditional style, which we believe gives it broader appeal, yet still pairs well with all manner of grilled red meats, chicken, fish – even a Bratwurst or two!”

And if you're on a veggie or vegan diet, or taking part in Veganuary, fear not as all Redchurch beers are 100% vegan.

Judging from the glowing 5-star reviews it seems our customers have fallen for März-Ataks too:

Let’s raise a Märzen or two to those winter nights spent in!

You can buy Redchurch März-Ataks in 6, 12 and 24 bottle cases from our online store. 

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