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Redchurch & Lambrate Collaboration

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to brew with some of the best in the game and last week we had the pleasure of welcoming a few of the guys from Lambrate all the way from Milan to come out and hang with us at Redchurch.

Whilst we were gathered…we thought we may as well brew some beer….some really….. really good beer.

So the summer is quickly passing us by and the winter is showing its gloomy face as the mornings get darker (and colder). However still clinging to the memories of days spent outside, cooking everything in sight on the old rusty BBQ we decided a Smokey Vienna would be rather fitting.

Named “Smokey Monarch” not only does this beer pay homage to everything smoked but it also lays tribute to the man who played a big part in the European craft beer movement almost 24 years ago,

Giampaolo who was also the founder of Lambrate. Those who know Giampaolo say that he is rarely seen without a cigarette as he ponders all things beer, represented by the use of smoked malt within the ‘Smokey Monarch’.

It was an honour to have the guys with us for a few days and to see the masters at work. The collaboration will be soon avaliable and we cant wait for you all to try it!

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