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New Herbal Lemody Belgium Grisette

A Grisette is a refreshing, low alcohol beer with its origins in the Hainaut province of Belgium. They are crisp, medium to light-bodied, citrusy beers. It’s the type of beer you want to drink year-round, but especially on a warm day outside somewhere while snacking on the perfect charcuterie board

Farmhouse Style

Grisettes are a subset of a slightly better known farmhouse-style ale we have championed at Redchurch, the Saison. It has a fascinating history. Saisons were originally brewed to quench the thirst of seasonal farm labourers. In translation “Saison” means season— highlighting the fact that the beer was brewed in the winter, to be enjoyed in summer. Generally, Saisons have a wide variation in brewing techniques and flavours. However, a significant aspect of Saisons is the dry, refreshing nature, which happens to be the defining characteristic of a traditional grisette.


Where Saisons were brewed mainly for farmworkers, grisettes were brewed for workers in the local mines. There are many stories about where the grisette name actually came from. It’s thought that the name grisette—translated to mean “little grey”—references the grey dresses of women passing out beers to miners. Others site the style’s name refers to the colour of the stone being mined. There is no definitive answer, but we hope you enjoy the one we have brewed as our latest special.

 Herbal Lemody is our take on a Grisette.

When life gives us lemons, we all need a bit of Herbal Lemody! A Belgian Grisette infused with Lemon Verbena and Kaffir Lime leaves.

Hazy, dry and packed full of clean bursts of honeydew melon and soft lemon and lime, with a hint of herbal clove and black pepper spice.

Refreshing and warming in combination, perfect for cool nights in or hot days out.


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