Lockdown 3 - A message from Redchurch | Redchurch Brewery

Lockdown 3 - A message from Redchurch

Watch this video message from Ben at Redchurch:

Yes, we are all sick of Lockdown but….it does not have to be sad and DEFINITELY does not need to be boring. We say the weekend is still the weekend and a 9-5 shift from home is still a hard day's work and YOU deserve a beer, now more than ever (sorry all Dry Jan partakers).

We are still here and reman OPEN FOR BUSINESS ✅
  • We are still delivering, locally and nationally 🤩
  • We are still open for CLICK & COLLECT ✌️
  • We are still brewing the beers you want and love 😍
  • We are still here for you 👊
We aim to bring joy and comfort in the form of great beer and a couple more months in lockdown is not gonna dampen our spirts. I mean how can we be bored when we've got the Redchurch Mixed Case to keep us entertained; 12 different beers to work your way through and enjoy!!

We pride ourselves on going that extra mile here at Redchurch and we want to make getting awesome beer in your hands as easy as picking up a bottle of hand san at a petrol garage. Please shoot us an email or give us a call if you need us. We got you!!

A LITTE PICK ME UP..…we have 4 BRAND NEW exciting beers in the pipeline to feed out to you lovely lot over the next 6 months so there is something to look forward to (sorry it's not that all-inclusive hol in the Greek islands, but it is something!) 🤪

Love the Redchurch Team x
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