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There is nothing like that feeling of being 18 and being dropped off at your new halls of residence, that first awkward encounter with your new flatmates in the kitchen, the “where you from?” the “what you studying?” the realisation you are spending the next 3 years on the same course as that weird kid down the hallway or maybe you got lucky, maybe you’ve struck gold and got the normal lot….and maybe even someone you have your eye on. Either way….whats the best way to get the ball rolling and kick things off to your new academic adventure…….TO THE PUB!

Redchurch is partnering up with Portsmouth Freshers and will be working alongside the Guildhall Village hosting a day session like no other hosting Beer Pong, music and award-winning beer!!!!

The brew team will be heading down to meet the freshers of Portsmouth university to talk and drink all things beer before the seriousness starts of getting the books out and actually learning something. If you are in the Portsmouth area and think you have what it takes to beat the brewers head on down to The Guildhall village and take us on!!!!! 

Posted in September 2019

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