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Daily Star Beer of the Week

To kick off 2020 our winter seasonal special Old Ford Export Stout was blessed with the title of beer of the week courtesy of Adrian Tierney-Jones of The Daily Star.

Founded in East London in 2011, but now based in Harlow, Essex, Redchurch is responsible for a range of craft beers. Old Ford Export stout, whose name pays tribute to the Brewery’s East End Origins, is a seasonal winter special, a rich and toasty strong stout that is an ideal companion when the January weather does its worst outside.


"When poured it’s as dark as a moonless night, with a potent way of roast coffee and dark chocolate. The taste is more roastiness coffee and chocolate, vanilla smoothness, hints of fruit cake and cherry and a big creamy mouthfeel before its lingering finish. Given its strength and full flavour, this is a beer to sip and treat as if it were the finest of ports. Pure magic in a glass” 

Sounds rude but try it and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

Thank you for your kind words Adrian!!

This is one heck of a beer, see it in the shop


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