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Craft Beer on Slopes of London Ski Show

What do you get when you put some of the biggest names in the Winter sports industry from clothing, athletes, food, booze, tourism and entertainers in one of Londons most iconic event locations? One fantastic jam-packed weekend. Although the great British weather did not keep its end of the bargain we still managed to have a great time with some awesome, talented people.

Redchurch was in full flow across both main bars at the event and not forgetting the Redchurch Chalet where we set out to offer the people of Battersea a variety on what they could enjoy during their time spent at the event. Too long have we been forced into drinking that one lager over and over again (let's face it's not enjoyable), that famous “guess I'll be having one of them, then”, Redchurch offered it’s the entire range to The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard festival both in draft and bottle as well as sponsoring the exhibitor's party Thursday night with our flagship Pilsner. We also had head Brewer Lorenzo heading up craft beer workshops to those in attendance.

Its 11 am and we are watching the likes of Billy Morgan team GB snowboard Olympian performing backflips, 360’s and everything in between whilst we sit back and sip on an award-winning Lager we can only dream of being able to do the same (or we could just stay at the bar?).  The vibe is electric and positivity seems to be at the forefront of the event with attendance from huge organisations to smaller independent businesses, big names athletes to 9-year-old freestyle skiers it is clear that every one their holds a shared interest in everything winter sports. The great thing about a Ski holiday is that its fully acceptable to have a beer before midday (It is isn’t it?) and boy did people get involved. It was awesome to hear everyone’s feedback and to hear how excited people were to have variety in their choice of beverage and to offer that was amazing.

 “It is great to have a selection, you know we go to a lot of these events and when you see the same brand of beer offering up one type of Lager, that isn’t particularly great anyway… is a real shame. Today I have had a lager, stout and about to crack on with one of your Bethnal Pale ales. Its been a much more enjoyable experience” – Rodger, Ski enthusiast 

“I was at the ski festival in Battersea when I came across Redchurch and a nice cold one, and, from the bottom of my heart, it was FANTASTIC.” – Rich Johnson

“Thanks for such an amazing workshop and beer. Learned a lot and would love to experience more of your brilliant product
on” – Matthew Bramall

We also spent some time Thursday night chatting with the fantastic guys from Eurosport including James Hayden former Brtish motorcycle racer. He raced in 250cc and 500cc Grand Prix, MotoGP, British Superbike and the World Superbike Championship (see video below). As an independent brewery with humble beginnings, it is amazing to be able to support an event of this size and to be recognised as a premium product within a premium industry. We will be continuing our work with The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival and hope to see you all next year.

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