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Redchurch Brewery

Redchurch Pornstar Martini Pale Ale 4.0%

Redchurch Pornstar Martini Pale Ale 4.0%

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The Pornstar Martini is a classic cocktail, a signature drink, a modern-day staple on the brunch menu. Punchy passion fruit, sweet vanilla notes all bought together with fizzy hit of prosecco.

So, lads, don’t be ashamed we have all had a taste (and enjoyed it). But why blend and shake and chop and pour when you can simply pop a cold one?? Pornstar Martini Pale Ale, the perfect match between beer and cocktail, the ultimate day drinking all day session companion! At just 4% ABV, this fruity goodness Is a pick-up and go kind of beer! The perfect session beer to be shared by everyone….this is not a “not for me” situation. This is a pallet pleaser for all (even the geezers).

Tasting Notes

Description. Pale Ale. A perfect marriage between cocktails and beer. It is bursting with passion fruit, vanilla and a lime twist to balance.

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